Why Indifly?

Empower. Sustain. Conserve

Why Focus on Indigenous?

More than 370 Million in population..

5% of the global population but 15% of the poor

5,000 different groups (tribes/villages, etc) in 90 in more than 90 countries

Occupying lands totaling about 22% of the earths land surface

Custodians of 80% of the earths remaining biodiversity.

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The path forward..

  • Indifly’s experience has created a natural roadmap to advance the Indifly model in other areas of the world.

  • Now is the time to SCALE and REPLICATE the proven model.

  • Indifly has a stable of locations in carious stages of development including:

    • Bhutan, Costa Rica, India, Lesotho, Mexico, Nevada

  • We cannot accomplish this alone!

  • Indifly carries out its mission throughout the passion, generosity and support of individuals, purpose driven companies and foundations.